Effective Herbs in Treating Hypothyroid

Hypothyroid is a disease in the thyroid gland. It occurs when the gland does not produce the appropriate amount of hormones to supply our body. It may be due to the inactiveness of the nervous system or even the entire body. Although this can be common to some people, it is treatable. Herbs are one of the best cures for hypothyroidism.

Herbs have been very useful in the treatment of hypothyroid. There are so many available herbs that we can get from the market or even from our gardens. These herbs are actually used as main ingredients for curing thyroidal problems. However, not all of these herbs can really treat the disease. One may have allergies to them and might make the treatment impossible. So before you take them, always consult doctor first so that he can create some tests as to which herb is perfect for you to use.


The following are the available herbs to treat hypothyroidism:

Effective Herbs in Treating Hypothyroid

Black Cohosh - this is a very useful herb for the treatment of hypothyroid. It is best for women to use especially when they are having menstrual problems because of the thyroid disease. It can also treat infertility in women.

Kelp - this herb is very rich in iodine. Iodine is what the thyroid gland needs in order for it to produce hormones. People who are low in iodine always tend to get the disease and taking Kelp will help get rid of it. It will keep the gland active. Iodine is like a stimulant for the thyroid. That is why if there are no proper amount of iodine in the body, the production of hormones tend to slow down.

St. John's Wort - this herb helps cure the depression that is linked hypothyroidism. When a person is low with hormone supply in the body, they tend to feel very depressed. This herb will help ease that depression naturally without any medication.

Cayenne - if a person takes good amounts of cayenne, the blood circulation will improve. This will be a proper herb to cure the low blood count in hypothyroid patients.

Bladderwrack - this is among those herbs to treat hypothyroid that is very rich in iodine. When a person is developing early signs of hypothyroidism, this herb can help cease it before it becomes worse.

Guggul and Irish moss - these mosses are herbs that help cure hypothyroid. They are proven to promote the healing process of the gland as well as the secretion of the hormones.

Ashwagandha - this is an Indian herb that is known to treat the said thyroid disease. It is actually a ginseng where in the roots are used for the treatment.

These herbs to treat hypothyroid are known to ease the disease, but not cure it entirely. Patients still need to make sure that a proper diet is taken as well as the right medications.

Effective Herbs in Treating Hypothyroid

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